The Proform 1200e elliptical trainer combines all your most wanted features into a solidly built piece of equipment that should handle almost anything your family cares to throw at it. And while I’m a little sceptical of the manufacturers claims of a 350lb weight limit, it shows that Proform has faith in the quality and strength of this elliptical machine.

They say that you only get what you pay for, yet in the fitness world that is often NOT the case due to a glut of inferior quality machines flooding the market. Thankfully, the Proform 1200e bucks that particular trend.

15 Workout Programs

One of the main reasons that people give up on their workout regime is sheer boredom. Sentencing yourself to the same 30 minute workout routine every time is certain to test anyones endurance levels. To combat this, Proform have created 15 workout programs that vary the rate and intensity of each session, with enough variety to keep even the most attention deficit fitness fan engaged.

Each routine is selected at the touch of a button, enabling you to focus more on your goals rather than wading through endless options.

12 Resistance Levels

To intensify your workout routine even further, you can select one of 12 resistance levels at the touch of a button, enabling you to squeeze every last drop of benefit from your workouts.

Whether you simply want to burn off extra calories or build stamina, loading the resistance up another notch will add an extra aerobic kick when you need it. Feel the burn!

20” stride length

The Proform 1200e has the benefit if a longer 20″ stride length, which is around 2″ more than most regular elliptical trainers. This will be appreciated by taller users who can stretch out for a more natural motion.

Add to this the heavier flywheel and the 1200e feels a lot more fluid, for a smooth yet effective routine.

CardioGrip™ Heart Rate Monitor

Possibly the best way to maximize the benefit of your exercise is to keep your heart rate within your optimal zone. The 1200e has built in heart rate monitor which, simply by gripping the sensor, gives you an accurate reading on which to base your work rate.

Full Body Workout

As with many other elliptical trainers, you get a full body aerobic workout, thanks to the upper body arms which boost the trainers cardio benefits. The smooth motion is especially beneficial to the older and younger members of your family.

Environmentally Friendly

The Proform 1200e generates all the electricity to run the console and electronics from the energy you burn during your workout, which means that you do not need a power supply. This makes the Proform 1200e one of the greenest machines on the market.

Whisper Quiet

The Silent Magnetic Resistance system is smooth and frictionless to enable you to adjust your work rate without all the clatter and noise usually associated with the cheaper, less sturdy models.

Will It Fit?

This model has a 78″ L x 27″ W x 72″ H footprint, so get out your tape measure and check your available space to see if it fits!


Proform stand by the strength and durability of this machine by giving a generous lifetime frame warranty, with a 2 year parts and 2 year labor guarantee.

Overall Conclusion

My opinion is that the Proform 1200e elliptical trainer is a very sturdy machine which is suitable for heavy family use. While the manufacturer claims a 350lb weight limit, my own belief is that it should accommodate 275lbs quite comfortable.

But as I said, this is merely my opinion. When you use the machine you will be struck by how solid it actually feels, especially if you have ever used a budget machine before. for this reason, I have no hesitation in recommending the Proform 1200e as a fitness machine for the whole family.

At the time I wrote this review, Proform were offering the 1200e for $999 direct from the factory with free shipping and no interest options. See what the current price is now.

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