Whether you are a newcomer to the fitness market and simply looking for an economical all round treadmill for the whole family, or a veteran marathon runner looking for a serious piece of training kit then you’ll love what Proform treadmills can offer.

They have recently revamped their whole range and packed in features that would have only been found on high end commercial equipment only a few years ago. And all the while the relative cost of owning your own treadmill is dropping.

So what makes their current crop of treadmills so special? Let’s take a look!

Heavy Duty Motors

The most expensive part of any treadmill is the motor and a general rule is to buy the highest rated motor you can afford. The Proform range start with a very respectable 2.25chp Mach Z commercial rated power plant, rising to a seriously tough 4.25chp mill in their Boston Marathon 3.0 model.

This is plenty for even the most serious competitive runner, while lower down the specification you will find a number of models better suited to the average family of fitness fanatics.

iFit® Ready

with iFit® you get faster results and access to smarter workouts powered by Google Maps. With training developed by fitness expert “America’s Toughest Trainer” Jillian Michaels this amazing technology controls speed and incline to give you the ultimate workout.

For me, the real beauty of the iFit system is that you can completely customize your own fitness program, download the latest workouts and manage your personal profile online.

The biggest reason that people abandon their fitness regime without achieving their goals is because of boredom – something that the iFit system will go a long way to combating.

ProShox Cushioning

Most of the treadmills in the Proform stable feature ProShox cushioning as standard to reduce inpact on your joints as you work out. The running surface protects your knees, ankles and back by absorbing harmful jarring shocks, leaving you to fresh and comfortable to stay motivated to achieve your fitness targets.

Of course I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of what a Proform treadmill can offer you and your family. all you need to do is choose the right model to suit your requirements and your budget and you will soon be on your way to a fitter lifestyle!

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