In many comparisons, the Proform treadmill beat many established brand leaders in both features and value for money.

So how do they manage to beat such high profile competition? Maybe it is the fact that their treadmills are built and factory delivered, cutting out those expensive middlemen. This means that they can pass on the savings to the customer.

But it isn’t all about cost. The build quality of their treadmills is second to none while they manage to shoehorn more features into each treadmill model than their competitors would like. This all adds up to a superb range of quality treadmills at a price that suits most budgets.

Now it is more affordable than ever to get fit and healthy and then stay that way. You will enjoy the cushioned running surface and the different exercise routines programmed into the machines computer.

By using the heart rate monitor to regulate your exercise routine you will get the maximum benefit from each workout. Believe me, your heart will thank you! No guesswork or risk of a heart attack, using the heart monitor as directed will enable you to exercise hard in safety.

So overall the ProForm range comprises a number of machines that are well built and offer excellent value for money. Your only decision is to decide which Proform treadmill rating best for your needs. Take a look at their full treadmill range and see foy yourself.





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