We all love a bargain, especially when it means we get our hands on some high quality fitness gear for a mere fraction of what we would have paid not too long ago in the showroom. So it makes sense to take a look at what used exercise equipment is available and what price people are asking.

Even through the recession we are a consumer society, wanting the latest gadgets and gizmos as soon as they hit the high street stores. however, by its very nature, quality fitness machines are built to endure the rigours of everyday use and still look as good as new.

This means that when people chase the very latest machines, a glut of very high spec used machines flood the market. This easy availability in turn drops the resale value, giving you an awful lot of fitness equipment for your money.

So where do you find all this surplus to requirements tackle? a good place to start is on everybodys favorite auction website. This should at least give you an idea of what is available and how much people are charging.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to broaden your search, both on the web at sites such as Gumtree or Craigslist or in the real world at discount warehouses or your local auction house.

But before you get carried away in all your excitement it pays to do some homework on at least a handful of machines you are looking for. Browse health forums for an idea of what problems people are having with a particular treadmill such as the running deck not being wide enough or an elliptical trainer having too short a stride path.

Sort out the genuine problems from the habitual whiners by looking for recurring complaints and then decide if it will be a problem for you. Many times, the trouble is down to the user choosing the wrong machine for their particular needs rather than a flaw in the equipment. If this is the case and the machine will suit you then you’re on to a winner!

As you have already done your homework regarding features and price, all you need now is a little patience and you will eventually be rewarded with the ideal used exercise equipment for your workout room.

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